A roof inspection could save the diligent owner, buyer or seller costly damage that would have other wise gone unnoticed possibly before it is to late. If your house has withstood hail, a long Calgary winter or other extreme weather it is a good idea to get the roof inspected. Left alone, a damaged roof can result in leaks, mold, insulation issues and many other expensive repairs. Our experienced & certified roof inspectors will help assure that any damage is detected. The average cost of an inspection is $275.00 

Hail damage

Deteriorated Vs New Wood shakes

Missing Drip Edge


Chase Diaz

403 • 836 • 5528


Chase is the newest member of our team, not only does he have years of experience building houses, but he is a second generation roofer who is both certified by HAAG as a residential and commercial roof inspector and has a number of certifications from SAIT including a Moisture Control Technician certificate.


Mike Port


With over 35 year of experience in the Calgary Roofing Industry Mike has seen what works and some of the things that haven't worked when it comes to roofing in Calgary's often extreme weather. Where else can the temperature change by 15 or 20 degrees in a few hours? Mike is a Alberta Certified Journeyman Roofer and also a HAAG Engineering Certified Roof Inspector, which is endorsed and recognised by the insurance industry. He is also a certified installer for many manufactures such as; Velux (Skylights), GAF (Shingles) and BP (Shingles).